As much as I am super eager to tell you about our new research on careers, courtesy demands that I welcome you to the new month first.

In our recent career research at Makintouch Consulting, our logs of reports and requests from our top clients, showed that the post-COVID era is gradually changing a lot of things as far as career is concerned, and there is huge demand for certain newly evolving skills in the Tech, finance, business, Telecomunications and even the Oil and Gas Industry.

Here are few of the highly requested skills by Top recruiters and multinationals. 

  1. Power BI.

If you have been using excel to work on all your report for donkey years, I need to tell you that things are changing fast, and sooner or later, Power Bi is going to take over the role of excel. Power BI has been built with exceptional intelligence and analysis when it comes to data. You can analyze, sort, and create beautiful reports on your data with less stress compared to excel, and this is the newly recognized data analytics software for many multinationals.

  1. Cloud Computing

It is no news that the cloud is now the safe house of a lot of organization and individuals data, operations, and even storage. many people make use of the cloud daily, but they do not know. From your google cloud to iCloud to your google drive, all your files are stored in the cloud. Companies are migrating to the cloud, and the need for cloud experts is increasing by the day.

If you haven’t taken out time to learn one or two about cloud computing, you should do that this month. 

  1. Artificial Intelligence. 

You give one command to your system and it gets three to four things done one after the other, you enter your car and the moment you ignite the engine and close the door, it locks by itself, you bring your phone close to your face and it unlocks, you call it facial recognition, but the real word is artificial intelligence.

The robots and drones that are used in the advanced countries today are products of artificial intelligence. So even if you won’t make use of the robots yet, the knowledge about artificial intelligence will not remove anything from you, it will only add to you.

Another interesting fact is that it is easier to develop interest in Artificial Intelligence, because it requires less of activities compared to the manual way of doing things.  

  1. Machine Learning

Machine learning is an application that provides systems ability to learn from previous experiences and use it to improve itself without been manually upgraded. This helps a system to perform more effectively. 

  1. The Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft PowerApps is a platform that allows users to create and deploy tailored applications that can be used on desktop and mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows). Both developers and non-developers can create apps within PowerApps as it works in a no-code environment. This means you need no coding knowledge to do all these things. 

There are lots of innovations out there that you need to accustom yourself with, but let’s start with this.

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