To start with, I probably need to welcome you all to our new world reality. The dominance of remote jobs and work from the home gospel is now the new normal. Organizations and businesses are left with no other means of continuity and productivity than to have their staffs work from the comfort of their homes.

The global rise in cyberattacks amid this chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, however,  is making companies, governments, businesses, and individuals susceptible to loss of private and sensitive data.

As the world’s vulnerability is increasing, the thirst and demand for cybersecurity experts are increasing, and this poses a simultaneous increase in the demand for cybersecurity as a career. As most staff of organization are working from home, the need for cybersecurity professionals is on the high side.

A career in cybersecurity will not only have candidates balance the skill gap in the industry but will also help organizations defend themselves against cyber-attacks.

Now you see the opportunity presenting itself before you. But it isn’t about pursuing a career in cybersecurity alone, the professional certifications are important to promote your relevance. It will help you focus on the development of all necessary skills that an employer needs an employee to possess.

It will interest you to know that analytic and managerial jobs that come with higher than average salary benefits require candidates to have specialized knowledge to fulfill the job role.

A welcome push for candidates is to know that cybersecurity jobs offer great pay and perks if a candidate possesses the right characteristics that are required by the job.

Guess what, you can start a career today by joining any of the courses here https://makintouch.com/ec-council/. Makintouch Consulting is also providing free consulting services for Cyber Security Interested Individuals from August Till November 2020.

Hurry and make use of this opportunity.

Check out some of the demand for cybersecurity professionals In Nigeria, and the pay…  http://bit.ly/CYBERSECURITYJOBS

Published by makintouchinformation

Makintouch is a privately held I.T & soft skills (Management) training company that excels in delivering a faster, convenient and economical way. We are a Gold Certified Microsoft and a certified partner of CISCO, CompTIA, EC-Council, Certified Business Professional, Charles Pathway, Global Courseware, etc.

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