A king is in no other way defined, than as a being of significant importance in society, environment, or kingdom. Just as every citizen of a kingdom bows at the mention of the king of their land, MICROSOFT POWER PLATFORM has created a unique niche for itself, as far as this remote work era is concerned. 

Welcome to the palace of the king. In Africa, if you arrive at a king’s palace, the first thing you do, at the sight of the king himself, is to prostrate to show that you reference the presence of the king and the kingdom. But today, you need not prostrate, because with open arms, the king of the remote work kingdom, POWER PLATFORM, welcomes you with open arms. 

Power Platform consists of the Power Apps low-code development environment, the Power Automate process automation component, Power BI analytics, and Power Virtual Agents for building AI-powered bots. Power Apps and Power Automate enable faster and easier app development and deployment, higher productivity, reduced time to implement, and an accessible user interface for customers.

The last four month has witnessed a significant increase in remote job delivery, in fact, a particular magazine in the united state defined it as a sky-rocketed increase. The pandemic has successfully changed our way of life, our workflow processes, infrastructure, and even on-site delivery of many services. But while many businesses have suffered a great loss, Power platform as the king that it is, has helped generate an increase in profit for thousands of organizations and even individual businesses. 

A seamless workflow is by far one of the determinants of productivity of any business or organization. When your customers’ needs and satisfaction are met through product delivery or service delivery easily, you have fewer things to worry about. 

Microsoft power platform has not only made this a reality but has also made this seamless delivery available to whosoever will, with its user-friendly environment, easy to built applications, the ease with which developers of all skill levels can quickly build and iterate on these apps and automate processes is impressive. Analytics has also been made easier and deployment is very affordable. 

Everything an organization or individual needs to meet a satisfactory delivery to their clients remotely is embedded in the Microsoft power platform. The global increase in remote and mobile workers is a function of the fact that Applications developed with Power Apps can be embedded as a tab in Microsoft Teams channels or conversations for building new mobile-enabled and accessible business applications that can integrate with the Azure Data Platform, AI tools, and other Azure services. Hence communication and operations have been synchronized and can happen simultaneously on the Microsoft Teams App.

Now tell me why I won’t call it the king of the remote work era. 

Hundreds of organizations are now making power platform skills a criterion for many of their recruitment processes. This automatically tells you that the Power platform is gradually becoming a necessity for everyone, as it is now creating new job roles from scratch, and these roles fit directly into both the need of the organization and the customers. 

There are several opportunities awaiting any individual who wishes to acquire the basic skills to any of these Power Apps. to avail yourself of these opportunities,

visit https://makintouch.com/category/courses-2/microsoft-power-app/

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Makintouch is a privately held I.T & soft skills (Management) training company that excels in delivering a faster, convenient and economical way. We are a Gold Certified Microsoft and a certified partner of CISCO, CompTIA, EC-Council, Certified Business Professional, Charles Pathway, Global Courseware, etc.

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