How to get Your Dream Job.

Applying for a new Job might be quite easy, getting an invite for interview will to some extent have you smile to yourself that at last, with the increasing rate of employment, I got an opportunity to at least showcase myself.

Now here is the question, while you sit calmly on that hot seat, ready for the interviewers to start dropping in their questions, here is one thing you might want to ask yourself, how can I give myself an edge above other  people seated outside, and what skill do I possess, that can convince the interviewer that I am the right man/woman for the job?

Highlighted below are few of the Skills that can give you an added advantage and also complement your college Degree.

  1. Communication:

Every Organization at one point or the other, communicates either among the staffs, or with their clients. Communication goes beyond passing information alone, it is important that the message is well heard, understood and replied. Not all organization wants to start spending money all over on new employees, especially not in the area of communication, unless when special communication processes are required. You can enroll for affordable professional trainings on communication even while you await that dream job, to be able to present something extraordinary to your interviewers.

  • Coding:

Coding can also be an added advantage, depending on the career industry you intend to apply to. Your ability to effectively put certain things in place through coding can help impress the interviewer.  

  • Time Management:

Your ability to effectively manage time while carrying out your task can be an added advantage.

  •  Network
  • Logical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Transferable skills
  • Ability to operate common Equipment and gadget
  • Photoshop
  • Social Media Literacy

All these skills are of one importance or the other. It is however not necessarily needed that you have all the skills, but as much as you have some of it, especially the ones required in your field of career, you are one step ahead of your peers, and more steps closer to that dream job.

To know more about how you can acquire these skills, visit our website at,

Or call us on. 08140984158, 09038138550. you are already a step closer to your dream Job.

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Makintouch is a privately held I.T & soft skills (Management) training company that excels in delivering a faster, convenient and economical way. We are a Gold Certified Microsoft and a certified partner of CISCO, CompTIA, EC-Council, Certified Business Professional, Charles Pathway, Global Courseware, etc.

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