The need for Industrial Cyber security

It can be argued that industrial facilities have taken to digital transformation much earlier than other enterprises. While it’s only now that some businesses are committing to adopting digital tools, factories have been using robots and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) decades before the dotcom boom of the nineties. Industrial cybersecurity comes to the forefront as industries now increasingly adopt digital technologies.

The increasing connectivity of industrial facility is now also raising cybersecurity concerns calling for more attention to industrial cybersecurity. Previously, industrial facilities were largely air-gapped, so hackers had to manipulate staff through social engineering attacks, or infiltrate facilities themselves. But as more industrial IT components connect to the internet, they become more exposed to cyberattacks from advanced persistent threats (APTs).

“Industrial facilities have become more connected. Cloud computing has prompted a growing number of enterprises to shift their workload online. More facilities are also incorporating smart devices into their infrastructure. Unfortunately, this is also expanding the attack surface. Given how tenacious threat groups are these days, increasing connectivity can make these enterprises vulnerable to attack,” Hence there is dire need for Cybersecurity professionals to not only weigh in to save the situation, but to also prevent further attacks that might result into great havoc to the industrial market and respective organizations.

Makintouch Consulting is giving out a discount to spread the cyber security intelligence and professionalism across, ensuring that every industrial organization is able to preserve, protect and manage their vulnerability through trained cyber security professionals.

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Source : CISO MAG.

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