Securing your network.

Many of us are in the category of people who secure their accounts, gadgets and some vital information with passwords that can be easily guessed. Passwords like names, date of births, and a few others are not too healthy for your data security. With the current trend in account and data hack, it is important that you keep your security extra tight and difficult to guess or access.

One of the security measures is the TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION. Whatsapp and Facebook, in the bid to ensure security of user’s data, have introduced a TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION. Two-factor authentication methods rely on users providing a password as well as a second factor, usually either a security token or a bio-metric factor like a fingerprint or facial scan.  Some sophisticated gadgets (smartphones and Ipads especially), now recognize either finger prints of facial scan for access to user’s information and resources.

Another way a hacker gains back end access to your account, is by sending in virus to your system. The virus helps to siphon all the information and security access they need to take over your accounts and resources. Hence, the best way to avoid this is to have a strong ANTIVIRUS running on your system and keep updating it.

Don’t open spam mails or attachments you are not sure of, they might contain phishing tools which can be used to get your details unknown to you. Always ensure you report and block subsequent mails from such sender.

Avoid porn sites, be selective of the site you access and if possible, avoid sites that asks you to accept cookies, as they always siphon your information at the back ends.

Avoid clicking cheap promotion links, especially the broadcasts on whatsapp, these are hackers trying to have an indirect back end access to your data and information without your consent.

Use complex passwords that you alone can easily remember, and always clear your browser frequently.

However, all these doesn’t still mean that hackers can’t pull a thread on your account or computer. That is why you need constant check, and be very conscious of whose gadget you use to access your vital accounts, and make sure you log out of every transaction before returning borrowed gadgets.

It’s another thoughtful Thursday, and I wish you all safety.  Can I hear you say safety?

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