Cyber attacks are multiplying in complexity and quantity with cyber criminals actively introducing new and sophisticated forms of attacks every day. Modern businesses require something beyond antivirus and firewall, which can test their resistance to security threats and suggest an advanced approach with due diligence.

They need remediation strategies and defense mechanisms that are highly effective.
Penetration testing helps decipher to know how, when, and why a cyber attacker can gain unauthorized access over confidential assets. There are many ways in which penetration testing is defined, conducted, and marketed.
To a greater extent, penetration testing is considered to be only a compliance audit or a periodic vulnerability assessment.

By performing a penetration test, an organization can determine the vulnerabilities in a system and how safe their IT infrastructure is when exposed to internal and external hacking attempts.

Every organization is so much interested in the safety and security of its confidential documents. Hence the Demand for Certified Security Analyst increases by the day, making it a more lucrative career for the certified professionals.
PS: You can also become a certified professional and begin to enjoy the unlimited opportunities available in the industry.

ECSA (Certified Security Analyst) is a certification from EC-Council that brings a required skill set among aspiring penetration testers.

It is a fully hands-on program that comes with many lab exercises and access to the iLabs Cyber Range.
ECSA is a globally accepted credential for hacking and penetration testing that covers the testing of modern infrastructure, operation system, and application environments. Besides, the program hosts a unique feature of developing report writing skills of the penetration tester, which helps to justify the assessment performed as well as serves as a reference to serve the compliance. #makintouchconsulting

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