Becoming A Cyber Security Professional. (CISSP/CEH)

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   The evolving growth of various organizations, all over the world today, and the need for safety of various files and data, has helped to increase not only the need for cyber security experts, but also the awesome and enticing job opportunities for people in such field.  Did I just say awesome? Awesome is an understatement, the right word is jaw dropping opportunities. 

         As a cyber security expert, you need not struggle for employment, because virtually every organization is in need of a cyber security expert for the safety operation of the organization.  The financial institution, the Educational institution, the legal institution and even the medical institution is in need of a cyber security expert.

    A cyber security expert stands to enjoy from 100,000 to 120,000 dollars per annum.

And the good news here is that there is an opportunity for you to become a cyber security expert at just affordable prices. You stand the chance to benefit from our professional training, Examination and Certification.

 At MAKINTOUCH CONSULTING,we can bring these dreams to reality.

Register for our upcoming training and stand the chance to be a part of these opportunities.

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  The CISSP certification on the other hand, is known to be one of the most recognized credentials in the career path of IT. This (ISC)2 certificate is one of the most ideal certifications. Obtaining CISSP gives you the privilege to a lot of job opportunities, such as an Information Systems Security Professional, an Information Security Manager, a Security Engineer, or even a Chief Information Security Officer.

   CISSP is one of the most acclaimed certifications to hold. It offers a great deal of advantages for you in your career, in your earnings, in your knowledge and your lifestyle. It is even globally recognized as a standard of achievement. There are many reasons why this certificate is widely acclaimed and everyone wants to have it.

  This credential is definitely worth your time and energy you will spend while preparing and practicing for this exam. This certification will bring many great opportunities in your life

  1. Opportunity to work in diverse roles
  2. High income generation
  3. Data and communication security
  4. Unlimited Worldwide Recognition
  5. Hands on update on cybersecurity
  6. Membership Benefits
  7. Wide range of employment opportunities
  8. Flexibility into other areas of Information Technology.

Want to become a certified professional? Then join our CISSP training starting from the 23rd of september to 27th of september.  

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To register, call 08167693574, 09038138550…





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